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As we state elsewhere, whilst a small proportion of our members are published writers, all have written at least one item, usually a poem or short story.

We've selected a few examples of members' work below so that you can get an idea of the variety of topics that have inspired our writers to put pen to paper, or more commonly fingers to their computer keyboard. NEW FEATURE for 2016: We are now including selected work from Gosnells Writers' Circle in Perth Western Australia - see Item 8 below.

1. Bucket of Frogs CD: Perhaps our best known anthology containing an entertaining mix of short stories, poems, plays and original music.

2. Artists' Rifles: We supported the 2014 exhibition at Basingstoke's Willis Museum by writing interpretive poems used by visitors to the exhibition. The compendium contains the works and other items with a WW1 theme.

3. Dementia Friendly Hampshire: Another compendium, this time in support of the January 2015 Dementia Friendly Hampshire initiative and the exhibition in the Malls. Several BWC members have since officially become Dementia Friends.

4. Soap is a Joke: written by Shirley Carr, this verse will bring a wry smile to anyone reading it.

5. Patrick's Passing: An evocative short story written by Stephen Bibby

6 . The VIP - Member Pat Smith's prize winning entry to the 2014 Winchester Writing Festival

7. Margate Divide - Tony Corbin's observations on the mixed fortunes of this Thanet Town 

8. Gosnells Writers Circle - A growing selection of our Australian friends work.