Who are We?

Community Relations Officer Joan Sullivan introduces guest speaker Mervyn Rees at the July 2012 meeting


Our ages and writing experience cross the spectrum.

Most of us write as a hobby, a few of us yearn to be published authors- indeed a handful of BWC members are published writers.

What we have in common is a love of the written word and a wish to learn from each other. We do this through our monthly meetings and our on-line forums. We set ourselves writing tasks - occasionally deliberately outside of our preferred genre (comfort-zone) - we listen to guest speakers, we visit other writing groups and present our work to local community groups and via our open-mic events.We have amongst us budding poets, writers of short stories, childrens' stories and even those who like to write sonnets or plays

Come along to sample one of our evenings - FREE OF CHARGE - and if you like what you see, you can become a full member. More information from our Community Relations officer Joan Sullivan who can be reached on Basingstoke 01256 326453.